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Tree of Knowledge

Posted by janeaddams on 12th March 2014

By JAMS Art Teacher, AnneMarie D’Agostino,

Team USC  was so inspired by the recycling program we started on the JAMS Campus, they took the concept a level beyond the outer school environment and included it  within the walls of the classroom to integrate recycling in the learning curriculum. They came together with our Art teacher and created a project they called, Common Core Tree of Knowledge.

Combining the English, Social Studies, Science, Math and Fine Art Common core standards, they created this inspiring project with all recycled materials – illustrating the learning that has taken place for the entire year. 1748 plastic bottles and numerous other found scrap materials were used to create these pods.

The process they used to create their tree of learning is:

First, our ASB ran a spirit competition to see which homeroom could collect the most plastic drink containers for 2 weeks. Our school collected 1748 plastic drinking containers. As an aside, a lot of students reported that they do recycle at home.  Next, the Art class learned about the North American Gyres and facts about plastics in the ocean. Next, the bottles by size.

Students from the art room cut the 8 oz drinking water bottles to create seeds of learning. 4 “seeds” were distributed to each student on the Team: 154 to be exact. Then each student created a seed depicting evidence of content common core standards using recyclable materials. The four seeds will become a pod of learning, once again utilizing the recycled material “Mesh”.

A armacher made out of Found chicken wire that was left at a construction site was used as the armacher of the tree itself.

Actual long branches found on the ground were wrapped in the chicken wire also and placed to form the branches of the tree.  Next, all the plastic bottles are hot glued to the armature to create the actual tree. And Pods of learning will be hung on the tree.

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Monster Art

Posted by janeaddams on 31st October 2013

The pictures of monster art shown below are the work of Ms. D’s art students.

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PHOTOS & RESULTS: ChalkWalk 2013

Posted by janeaddams on 5th June 2013


6th Grade

1st place YALE 5pts.

  • Square #3 Andriana Arredondo, Lisa Slimani & Kathy Merida

2nd Place PRINCETON 3pts.

  • Square #5 Penelope Morales

3rd Place YALE 1pt.

  • Square #12 Andrea Ramos & Daniel Reveles

7th Grade

1st place USC 5 pts.

  • Square #42 Gabby Acevedo and Bianca Estevez

2nd place TIE = UCLA 3pts

  • UCLA (1 1/2 pts) Square 25 Daniel Fernandez, Adrian DeLeon and AlfonsoDominguez
  • USC (1 1/2 pts) Square 22 Stephanie Mazariegos, Valerie Romero and Martiza Santiago

3rd place TIE =UCLA 1point

  • UCLA Square 39 Brisa Cibrian and Damaris Chaidiaz = UCLA 3pts
  • UCLA Square 33 Kevin Valera

Honorable Mention

  • NO POINTS or Money USC Square #36 Humberto Barrera

8th grade

1st place STANFORD 5pts.

  • Square #59 Natalie Liberian

2nd place STANFORD 3pts.

  • Square #57 Mindy Vu and Kevin Candray

3rd place TIE CAL (1/2pt.) and STANFORD (1/2pt.)

  • Square #69 Daphne Ordonez, Selena Melgoza and Isabel Monroy
  • Square #70 Barbara Reveles and Daniela Rivas

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3rd Annual Graffiti Art Project LA Awards Ceremony

Posted by janeaddams on 6th May 2013

(Los Angeles, CA) Students from all over the greater Los Angeles area gathered together at Camino Nuevo High School to view and acknowledge graffiti as an art form at the 3rd Annual Graffiti Art Project LA Awards Ceremony on May 4th. Sharon Blair, a board member of P.S. Arts, started the project in May of 2011. In the same year, she met Anne Marie D’Agostino, a middle school art teacher in the Lawndale Elementary School District. P.S. Arts was their common demoninator. P.S. Arts services the elementary schools in Lawndale which feed into Ms. D’Agostino’s middle school program.

Sharon’s mission is to give students in the middle schools and high schools a graffiti/ street art competition. The project allows the students to think of a way they might create on a wall, but instead put their art creation on a 40′ x 60′ canvas. The goal of the project is to be able to encourage the creative spirit, help kids find some direction, keep them off the streets and understand the difference between graffiti and tagging. While it is not legal to tag the walls of our streets, it is legal to take those ideas and put them on to canvas. The premise being if graffiti style is given its place the streets may get cleaned up. After all, graffiti/ street art, is art.

The Winners were:

Middle School First Place Natalie Liberian, 8th grade

Second Place (Tie) Ashley Camacho, 8th Grade & Maria Manzo, 7th Grade,

Fourth Place Michelle Servin

Sixth Place Modesto DelGado

Seventh Place Konelio Kalolo

Ninth Place Kevin Valera

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Semi-finalists for the 2013 Graffiti Contest LA

Posted by annemariejams2012 on 8th March 2013

By JAMS Art Teacher, Anne Marie D’Agostino,

The semifinalists for the 2013 Graffiti Contest LA are in. It was a very tough competition this year and thank you to ALL the students who participated. These Final 10 participants will be given a 40″x60″ canvas to create their artwork on and compete at the City level.

This year we are lucky enough to have 10 students advancing to the final round of judging. Our students will be competing against Middle Schools all over Los Angeles. The completed artwork will be on display at Camino Nuevo High School in Los Feliz May 4th.

10th place: Maddy Campos
9th Kevin Valera
8th Modesto
7th Ashley Camacho
6th Michelle Servin
5th Lio Kalol
4th Andre Martinez
3rd Eryk Juarez and Xavier Miranda
2nd Maria Manzo
1st place Natalie Liberian

Congratulations to all that participated – that’s what life is all about.

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Digital Art

Posted by janeaddams on 18th January 2013

By JAMS Technology Teacher, Anne-Marie Mowad

Art Transformation

Students chose between two different pieces of artwork, the Mona Lisa or the American Gothic. They used a program called Seashore to trace the picture. Then they came up with a “theme” to transform the artwork into their own.

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Dreamcatcher Art

Posted by janeaddams on 17th January 2013

This photo art gallery features yarn art dreamcatchers created in Ms. D’Agostino’s art classes. Two hundred and fifty students had an opportunity to consider how they would catch their dreams and what shapes and colors would help them.

Ms. D’s art program received over two hundred canvases and over one hundred scanes of yarn for the project from Sharon Poole Blair of Grooveworx in Santa Monica, CA. Sharon is on the Board of PS Arts, which is an organization that brings the arts to our local elementary schools in Lawndale.

Photos taken by JAMS Photo Editor, Evelyn C.

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Have a Tangled Holiday from the Art Room

Posted by janeaddams on 21st December 2012

By JAMS Art Teacher, Anne Marie D’Agostino

Decorating the front office this holiday season are almost 200 yarn art dream catchers or as the office staff calls them – Presents. JAMS Art is extremely fortunate to have a benefactor in Sharon Poole Blair of Grooveworx in Santa Monica, CA. Sharon is on the Board of PS Arts, which is the organization that does a great job of bringing the Arts to our elementary schools here in Lawndale. We received over 200 canvas’ and over 100 hundred scanes of yarn for the project.

The 250 students had an opportunity to consider how they would catch their dreams and what shapes and colors would help them. Here are our results. Please Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you.

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ArtRoom 35 celebrates Dia de los Muertos or The Day of the Dead

Posted by annemariejams2012 on 2nd November 2012

Over 500 years ago, the Spanish Conquistadors came to Mexico only to find the native people practicing a ritual that APPEARED to mock the dead. They learned later that it was a tradition over 3,000 years old honoring these indigenous peoples’ ancestors. A ritual known today as Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.
The ritual is celebrated in Mexico and certain parts of the United States AND in ArtRoom 35.

This year our art students at JAMS drew skulls from models then later modeled them using Clay- over 200 skulls where created. Our 6th graders had the opportunity to experience glazing for the first time. The 7th and 8th graders used acrylics to create Brilliant colored skulls then shellacked them.

I would like to share one student’s inspirational simple artist statement about their skull.

This artist wrote:
“I used purple as my main color because purple is my favorite color. My skull to me represents love and happiness. The heart on top of my skull head represents the love I have for art. The flower on both sides of my skull represent happiness. I drew small eyelashes on my skull to show that it is a little boy. My skull also represents a little 4 year old boy who got shot in the head and died that lived in Inglewood. When I get to keep my skull I’m going to take it to the little boy’s house. The little boy and the dad died.
-Emily R.
6th grade

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PHOTOS: ChalkWalk

Posted by janeaddams on 6th June 2012

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JAMS ART Students “Paint” Their Way to Success

Posted by janeaddams on 24th April 2012

By JAMS Art Teacher, Anne Marie D’Agostino

Sunday, April 22, 2012, Los Angeles, CA – Sharon Blair @ Grooveworx and P.S. Arts hosted the Award Ceremony and celebration for The Graffitti Art Project at Camino Nuevo High School in Silver Lake. The purpose of the contest is to give credibility to the art form of Mural and Stylized writing. The belief is that if these artists are given an opportunity to express themselves in a productive way.

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Art from Ms. D’Agostino’s Students

Posted by janeaddams on 19th March 2012

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